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Download Hindi Movie The Falling Prey

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7cb1d79195 The Falling Prey is a suspenseful crime 'who did it' horror film set in the city of Chicago during the 1970's and 1980's. A detective by the name of Reeves is looking for a murderer who preys on high school kids at their graduation parties. If Reeves doesn't solve this case soon, his little brother could become the next target. Meanwhile, we see the victims perspective of what happens on the night of these graduations when the serial killer is hunting them down one by one.
The Falling Prey is a feature-length horror film about a series of murders at small town high schools. As legend tells, the killer targets high school kids, waits until their graduation party, and takes them. The main character of the film, detective Reeves, is searching for clues and patterns in the murders and has been on the case for years with no luck.

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