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646f9e108c Freebie and Bean are somewhat bumbling odd couple partnered SFPD detectives with the Intelligence Squad. Despite their different natures, they have each other's back, especially when it comes to their so far fourteen month investigation against racketeer Red Meyers, who is well-connected in all the right places. They finally have the first shred of physical evidence against Meyers to corroborate the insider account of a lowlife named Harry Motley, whose whereabouts are currently unknown. Despite the flimsy evidence and no Motley, they believe they have no choice but to bring in Meyers on any charge when they learn there is a contract hit out on Meyers, the hit man named Michigan Phil. Based on this information and recent knowledge that Motley is returning to town on Monday, the D.A., concerned primarily with maintaining his high successful prosecution rate and getting the highers-up off his back, recommends they release Meyers, but make sure he stays alive until Monday when they can bring both Meyers and Motley in. Their inconspicuous shadowing of Meyers in protecting him against Michigan Phil and any other potential attempts on his life is made all the more difficult as it is Super Bowl weekend, the game being held in San Francisco, and as especially Bean's thoughts steer toward the growing evidence that Bean's Latina wife is having an affair.
Freebie and Bean, two San Francisco police detectives, have one goal in life: to bring down Red Meyers, a local hijacking boss. After many fruitless months they finally collect an important piece of evidence. However, before they can get an arrest warrant, they hear the news of the hitman being hired to kill Meyers.
It&#39;s the antidote for The Laughing Policeman, that grim &quot;police procedural&quot; from 1973; it&#39;s Freebie and the Bean, a crude, politically incorrect, and very funny buddy movie for the sophomore in all of us.<br/><br/>Alan Arkin and James Caan play a couple of San Francisco PD Inspectors on the hunt for . . . oh, who cares? The procedural part of the movie doesn&#39;t matter. The fun is in Arkin&#39;s neurotic and fastidious Bean (you have to forgive the racial slur right from the start) and Caan decked out in a leisure suit and looking for the next &quot;five-finger discount&quot; (hence, the name &quot;Freebie&quot;).<br/><br/>It&#39;s clearly not a movie for your mom–violent and foul-mouthed, with Arkin accusing his wife of infidelity by demanding to see if she&#39;s douched recently, and Caan performing noisy cunnilingus on his girlfriend. It all seems so daring for the 17 year old in 1975, but now, I suspect, I would just cringe and blush at the crudity and concentrate on the hostile chemistry between Arkin and Caan.<br/><br/>After so many serious cop-dramas from the early &#39;70s, FATB came across as something of a breath of different air. In the grand scheme of things, it&#39;s not a good movie or a nice one, but there is an entertainment value and a vitality that makes it worth watching.<br/><br/>And don&#39;t miss the cop car through the side of the apartment building!
I have read reviews of this film that apologize for its racism and its lack of political correctness. The first thing I would say about this is I do not believe that this film is racist, &quot;Freebie&quot; (James Caan) is a racist and this is something his Mexican partner &quot;Bean&quot; (Alan Arkin) takes him to task for. I would suggest that the title characters are, more than anything else, amoral.<br/><br/>What I like about this film is it completely turns on its head the Detective/Buddy Cop Genre; everything you expect from the genre is turned upside down. Freebie and Bean are incompetent, violent, destroy half the city in the pursuit of suspects, beat up innocent victims by accident and Freebie, as his name suggests, steals things. This film appears to deliberately go out of its way to upset every possible expectation leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit of this.<br/><br/>The Cinematography by the great Laszlo Kovacs is excellent and there is great chemistry between James Caan and Alan Arkin as the sometimes warring partners and sometimes friends. I think this is one of Alan Arkin&#39;s finest performances as he plays uptight neurotic characters so well. Also of note is the delightful performance of Valerie Harper as Bean&#39;s long suffering wife. This film also contains some amazing stunt work.<br/><br/>I find this film vibrant, wonderfully ridiculous and genuinely funny and I have read that two fans of this film are Quentin Tarantino and the late Stanley Kubrick.

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